PowerShield Cool Black

Reduce Processing anad Paving Costs

Degrees of Difference

Innovative heat-reflecting technology allows PowerShield Cool Black backsheets to reduce black modules’ cost per watt by making them cooler.

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Cooler than the Competition

View Larger Image170x113-powershield-drawingThe aesthetic appeal of black modules comes at a price – higher operating temperatures. Black modules absorb more solar radiation, which causes them to heat and operate less efficiently. Honeywell’s innovative PowerShield Cool Black backsheet contains a 
proprietary technology
 (patent pending) that reflects solar radiation, making modules that use it cooler and more efficient than those that use traditional black backsheets.

By switching to PowerShield Cool Black, you can:

  • Achieve the same rated BIPV or BAPV module output with lower-cost cells
  • Increase the output of the module with your existing cells

Either way, you can reduce your peak cost per watt.

Advanced Cooling Technology – Only from Honeywell

View Larger Image170x113-Typical-daily-temp-chartPowerShield Cool Black is specifically designed to reduce panel operating temperature and increase power output:

  • The outer primer layer reflects the majority of the heat-inducing portion of the sunlight spectrum

The unique construction of PowerShield Cool Black provides a key benefit that no other backsheet on the market can: cooler operating temperatures for solar modules.

Independent industry and university laboratory tests have shown that solar panels using PowerShield Cool Black are:

  • 2-4°C cooler on average, which represents a cost-per-watt reduction of up to 1.5% per panel
  • 5-7°C cooler during periods of peak power demand, which translates to a 2-3% increase in power output

Lowering the temperature of the modules can also reduce stress due to thermal cycling, as well as module component degradation over time.

The Durability You Expect from PowerShield

PowerShield Cool Black is based on durable fluoropolymer technology, which makes it highly resistant to:

  • Environmental degradation from sunlight, heat, cold and humidity
  • Acids, bases, solvents, salts and other chemicals
  • Excessive moisture infiltration within a module

Independent photovoltaics industry laboratory tests show that PowerShield Cool Black can maintain its structural integrity while withstanding:

  • More than 3,000 hours of exposure at an 85°C (185°F) temperature
  • 85% relative humidity

PowerShield Cool Black contains Honeywell’s proprietary adhesive, which was specifically designed for improved performance and reliability in PV applications.